Monday, December 10, 2012

Cedele #1

Sean has gone back to Malaysia to spend some time with his Mum now that he is “jobless”, so I am all by myself this weekend.

I wanted to treat myself to a good meal, and since Cedele is one of the last two restaurants in Singapore’s 5 Best All-Day Breakfast Joints” that I have not tried; I decided to have dinner there. 

It was close to closing time by the time I reached there, but I was shown to a table by a friendly staff.

I ordered Hot Plate and Mint Lassi. According to “Singapore’s 5 Best All-Day Breakfast Joints”, lassi is supposed to be one of their specialties. I have no idea what a lassi is so I decided to give it a try.

My mint lassi came first. It tastes exactly like yogurt, the kind I normally drink back in China.  The mint that is blended in makes this a very refreshing drink.

My main course, Hot Plate, arrived shortly. I have to say that I am greatly disappointed. The scrambled egg is way too runny, like it has not been cooked properly, and tasteless (maybe they forgot to add salt). The bacon is too smoky and hard, I feel like I am chewing on leather (or how I imagine chewing leather to be like). There is no dressing for the salad (at least I don’t taste any), it’s just a few pieces of raw vegetables thrown together. 
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