Wednesday, November 07, 2012

Macintosh: Review

After reading my blog post on Macintosh, the geeky friend (the same one who highly recommended the Macintosh laptop to me in the first place) lent me his spare Macintosh laptop to try.

Yes, I know I am slow and that Macintosh laptops have been around for donkey years, but at the expense of sounding like a complete idiot, I am going to give my two cents' worth on the Macintosh laptop.

Trackpad: The best feature of the Macintosh laptop has to be its trackpad. Unlike the boring touchpad in Windows laptops, Macintosh's trackpad is an art of it's own. Different number of fingers allow you to do different things: rotate, flip, glide ...  It's like iPhone on a larger scale (I keep forgetting that the Macintosh laptop and iPhone are from the same company, hence it's only normal that the cool features available on the iPhone should be found in the Macintosh laptops). The only problem is that it tend to be a little too sensitive, but I am sure I will be able to get used to it. 

Simplicity : The best thing about the Macintosh laptop is its simplicity. Everything is laid out clearly in the Menu Bar, you don't have to search high and low for that one particular program. 

Beauty: There is beauty in every little detail of the Macintosh laptop. The beautiful screen, the backlit keyboard which will be ever so useful at night, the pre-installed programs, the aluminium casing ... It's one beautiful package. I have been using Windows all my life, so the display has never bothered me, but compare a Macintosh screen to a Windows screen (I am doing that now, side by side) and the Macintosh is so much brighter and clearer. 

Class: The Macintosh laptop oozes class, which is why it is so commonly featured in movies and shows. Having a Macintosh laptop puts you in a different league from the regular Windows laptop users.

Having used Windows laptop for so many years, it is time to upgrade to the stylish and sophisticated Macintosh.

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