Monday, November 19, 2012

Food For Thought (Botanical Gardens) #1

I have always believed in the phrase “good food is worth the wait”.

That's why I decided to try out the “Food For Thought” (the new branch that is located in the Botanical Gardens )to continue my All Day Breakfast project, after I have tried every item on Arbite's All Day Breakfast menu. Sean wanted to join me, so we took the MRT to Somerset MRT station and then took a bus which brought us to opposite the Tanglin Gate of the Botanical Gardens.

We followed the directions on both the iPhone and Google map, BIG MISTAKE.

It showed us that the restaurant is near Nassim Gate, next to Cluny Road. We walked a good twenty minutes, going up and down slopes, and it started to drizzle but we marched on. We reached the Visitor Centre, which according to the maps, is supposed to be quite near the restaurant. Alas, when I asked the lady at the Customer Service counter for directions to the restaurant, we were told that the restaurant is another 10-15 minutes walk away, and when we read the map that we picked up at the counter, it's just next to Tanglin Gate, where we dropped off!

We walked all the way back, and found the restaurant near the Tanglin Gate. It is an underground restaurant, with stone steps leading us to the restaurant. The restaurant is designed like a school canteen with a huge kitchen and wooden tables scattered both inside and outside the premise.

We were both very hungry, so we had two orders each. Sean ordered Chinese Chicken Caesar Salad and Mee Rubus while I ordered Full Works and Dark Chocolate and Raspberry Pancakes, plus a side order of Hot Chocolate.

The portions are big, but we polished them off.

Full Works is the complete set of their All Day Breakfast, there is also Basic works and House Works. Full Works consist of scrambled eggs, bacon, butter toast, chunky chicken sausage, hash brown, garlic mushrooms and roasted tomato salad. This is like the big brother of Arbite Breakfast. It's basically the same ingredients, but 2-3 times the portion. It is very filling, even for a big eater like me, and it is absolute delicious (Sean loved the garlic mushrooms while my favorite is scrambled eggs on butter toast). At $18, it is definitely a steal.

The Dark Chocolate and Raspberry Pancakes were a little cold by the time I got to them (I should have eaten this first, but Full Works came first and I was too hungry), so it might be a little unfair to do a review now, but they are just pancakes, nothing extraordinary about them. The dark chocolate was melted and it tastes interesting when paired with the raspberry sauce.

Sean liked his Chinese Chicken Caesar Salad and Mee Rubus, judging from the way he gobbled up the food (or maybe he's just too hungry). The salad is just a salad, no matter how grand the name might be and I don't like Mee Rubus, so no comments on that.

I will definitely be back. There is so much more to try!   
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