Thursday, October 11, 2012

Fika Swedish Cafe & Bistro

No offence to Muslims, but I don't exactly have a very good opinion of Halal food. Other than famous restaurants like Secret Recipe and Swensens, who have established their high standard in the food industry, other Halal food I have tried are all a little disappointing. The chicken are dry and the vegetables are covered in so much gravy, I wouldn't know even if they serve me grass ...

So when Mariem suggested we eat at Fika Swedish Cafe & Bistro, I was a bit apprehensive (we didn't get to eat there the last time because the restaurant was full).

I was pleasantly surprised. The food is so good, I am gagging to go back.

For the main course, I had the Swedish Pannbiff, which is Swedish beef patties served with homemade creamy sauce, mashed potatoes, sauteed onions and lingonberry jam. The mashed potatoes are to die for! I can taste the freshness of the potatoes in every mouthful (I think there was some spices added to it). It's possibly the best mashed potato I have ever tasted. The beef patties are juicy and full of flavour, every bit worth it's price.

For dessert, I had Kladdkaka, which is swedish brownie served with ice-cream and fresh berries compote. It is simply heavenly. The brownie is so moist, together with the vanilla ice-cream and berries sauce, create the best brownies with ice-cream I have ever eaten.

I am so looking forward to the day we visit the restaurant again. I hope it's very soon, because I have developed a serious craving for their food.

Note: If you are thinking of dining there, reservation is a must. They are always full, even on weekdays.

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