Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Eggs Benedict

My heart felt so painful and so raw this morning. Normally we can still talk and message on Saturday mornings, but he can't talk or message at all this morning, because she is with him.

I was really upset because the next time I can talk or message him is Monday morning, and that feels like an eternity away.

I wanted to cheer myself up, so I decided to treat myself to a good meal. As there was still another 2 hours before I was scheduled to meet the Great Eastern agent and I happened to be in the area, I decided to have the all-day-breakfast at Arbite (the project I have neglected for quite a few months due to financial constraints).

I had the Egg Benedict (as according to the order in the all-day breakfas menu) but I couldn't decide on the drink, so I asked the waiter for an recommendation. He recommended the Banana-Chocolate Milkshake, so I took his suggestion and ordered that.

I was first given a cup of iced water. I was a little surprised because this has never happen before, and it's a little redundant since I have already ordered a drink. The Banana-Chocolate Milkshake came and I realized why they gave me a cup of iced water the moment I took my first sip. Each sip is bursting with banana and chocolate syrup, it is delicious and also very rich.

Next, came my Eggs Benedict. I love the presentation, it looks so appetizing. I tried to eat it like a burger, but the egg yolk burst so I had no choice but to use the folk and knife.

It was fantastic. There's no word to decribe how marvelous it tastes. You've got to try it for yourself to understand what I am saying. Everything just comes together so perfectly.
I searched online and learned that the delicious sauce on top of the eggs is called hollandaise sauce.

I can't wait to try the Garden French Toast, which is next on the list. Arbite is supposed to be famous for this.
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