Monday, June 11, 2012


This is the second entry to my All Day Breakfast (ADB) project.
I made a reservation at 3pm as I woke up late.
There was hardly anyone in the restaurant, probably because lunch hour is over.
I ordered Fittata and one of the specials written on the whiteboard in chalk, Peach and Cherry Float.
The float came first. I took one sip and I really liked it. It was really refreshing. It was a mix of peach and cherry soda waters (I believe) with a scope of vanilla ice-cream.
Next, my Frittata came. It was like going through a treasure hunt. Each mouthful gave me a little surprise: slices of olives, bits of mushroom, chunks of eggs and soft young asparagus.
I will be back again and I am looking forward to it.
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