Monday, June 04, 2012

Arbite Breakfast

This is the first entry in my All Day Breakfast (ADB) project.
I came up with this idea because I wanted to treat myself to a good meal once a week, but I am the kind who sleeps in on Sundays so I rarely make it for breakfast. I was Googling when I came across the concept of ADB.
I chose Arbite because it is the nearest from my place, but it still took me slightly more than an hour to get there.
I got a little lost since it was my first time in that area, but after walking around the whole place, I realised that Arbite was just behind the bus stop!
Arbite is on the second floor with wooden step leading up to it.
It is a small place painted in white with white tables and chairs. I liked the place immediately.
I told the staff that I had a reservation at 12.30pm under the name Amber and I was immediately shown to a small table enough to sit two. I was handed a menu, which was an A3 piece of white paper in a thick plastic folder.
Since my objective was to try one of their ADB every Sunday, I decided to work my way from left to right. I ordered the Arbite Breakfast and a pot of Lemon Ginger Green Tea (I was still having a bit of sore throat and running nose, so I got something that will hopefully sooth the throat).
The tea arrived first. I took one sip and I liked it (and I am not even a fan of teas). It was made from freshly ground ginger, lemon and green tea.
Next, my Arbite Breakfast arrived. Just look at it, doesn’t it look mouth-watering?   
My favourite is the thick toast spread with butter and then topped with scrambled eggs. This is the pure bliss.
This is a great little restaurant. The chef really puts his heart into everything he prepares.
I will be back next week.

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