Saturday, March 03, 2012

Looking for Room for Rent

Those who are close to me will know that I have moved out of my parents' house three years ago, and I have been on the move ever since.

I never seem to be able to stay at one place for long. I think the longest I have lasted in one place is one year. The itch to move has struck me again, and I was looking for room when I came across this website called iBilik.

It was formerly known as CariBilik, and since Bilik means "room" in Malay, this website was originally created by someone called Cari. It has business in Singapore, Indonesia and the Philippines. They specialise in room rental, homestay and short-term accommodation. Registration is free and there are over 10000 listings for rent posted online which covers just about every corner of Singapore.

What attracted me to the website at first is this 3 dimensional image of the Singapore flag in the shape of the Singapore island, it is very unique and it's a very good way of telling visitors that they are visiting the Singapore site. However, I would have liked it better if there isn't the ripple effect and the red and white colours of the flag are made more vibrant.
The website layout is clean and easy to navigate. At the top of the page, you can narrow down your search by either choosing "Rooms For Rent" or "Short Term Rentals. You can also search based on location by clicking on the name of the estate you are looking for at the right side of the Singapore flag. Alternatively, you may also use the search engine to look for a specific room.

The highlight of this website is the link to their blog. The blog showcases "Budget Hotel of the Week", "Studio Apartment of the Week" and "Room of the Week", and other announcement pertaining to iBilik. The pictures look amazing, and if you click on the link at the end of each post, it brings you to a page that provides you with the description, map directions, cost, availability and everything else you will want to know. You can ever make the booking directly on the blog. Now, that is neat. (The blog showcases listings mostly from Malaysia.)

So if you are ever looking for a room for rent or a cheaper alternative to hotels, iBilik is definitely a choice you might want to consider.
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