Sunday, November 28, 2010


Sometime last year, I wrote a post about plastics, but I couldn't up with the right term for my sudden dislike for plastics.

It just dawned on me that it's because I have (suddenly) become environmentally-conscious. I think all the talk about protecting our environment has finally gone to my head.

I am in the process of eliminating plastics from my room, one area at a time. Right now my focus is on replacing all plastics from my bathroom basket (even my bathroom basket is made of rattan). I have just bought some organic soap bars online (they come in cardboard packaging). Not only are they environmentally-friendly, it is said not to harm the body unlike chemically-produced ones. If they are really that good, I will switch to using organic soap bars from now on.

My next step to look for organic shampoo packaged in glass bottles, wooden toothbrush, toothpaste in glass bottle, a wooden comb and organic facial wash in glass bottle. I also have to get a glass soap dish with cover.

The other plastics things I need to replace are: detergent bottle, antiseptic bottle, packaging for floor wipes ...

I want to eliminate plastics from my room as much as possible by the end of December so that I will have an environmentally-friendly room and live an environmentally-friendly life starting from 2011!
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