Friday, March 05, 2010

Special Dutch Chocolate Mix

I will admit that I am not the typical girly-girl. I hate barbie dolls, I am not into flowers and I am not really a chocolate fan, but I do have a special fondness for a steaming cup of hot chocolate drink.

And I have been looking everywhere for that perfect chocolate drink.

Although Milo is all the rage nowadays, but I personally feel that it is very diluted. I need to put at least two packets to even dare to drink it. Ovaltin just doesn't quite make it.

Now I have finally found the PERFECT hot chocolate drink, the Special Dutch Chocolate Mix from the The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf. I wouldn't even try to describe to you how delicious it is. From now on, this is the only chocolate mix I am ever going to buy. It can be purchased at all The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf outlets.

The secret to making a delicious chocolate drink using this chocolate mix is to use steamed hot milk instead of water. Just add two-three spoonfuls to a cup of hot milk, and you have the heavenly-delicious chocolate drink.
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