Thursday, March 11, 2010


I have just finished watching this Taiwanese drama 《下一站幸福》and I really like this show very much.

I have never been a fan of 吴建豪, but he looks really cute with short hair in this show. I like it especially when he smiles, the smile is so true, it really melts your heart.

Sometimes, you have to push that someone away, because you love that person too much. You know how much it will hurt you, but you are ready to put up with all the pain, if it means that person will be better.

I did just that. Two and a half years ago, I did that. I could see how tired he was. I could see how pained he was when I was crying. I could feel how helpless he felt when he couldn't do anything to ease the situation. I knew I had to stop this, once and for all. I knew he deserved someone better. So I pulled the plunge. No matter how he pleaded with me, no matter how he cried, no matter how my heart is bleeding, I would not and could not give in. I know he will hate me, I know that I will probably die from the pain, but I had to do this. All I can say is 对不起,我爱你.

Favourite Show + Favourite Song = Best Combination

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