Thursday, February 04, 2010

The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf

I have always been a loyal supporter of Starbucks, until that fateful day ...

It was one of those rainy days, and I was in the clinic, freezing my butt off. My colleague announced that she will be going to The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf to get a drink and she asked me if I want to get anything. I figured that if Starbucks has got their Signature Hot Chocolate, The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf should have something to that effect, so I asked her to get me a hot chocolate and I passed her the money.

When I took my first sip of the hot chocolate, I thought I had gone straight to Heaven. It is so chocolatey, so rich, so sinfully delicious ... Starbuck's Signature Hot Chocolate is not even comparable.

I have been hooked ever since.

Although it is a little pricey for a cup of hot chocolate at $6 for a Regular, but for something THIS good, this is the little indulgence I can still treat myself once in a while.

Oh yeah. I saw that they are selling this Special Dutch Chocolate Mix when I went to get my regular dose of hot chocolate the other day. It looks good, so I am going to treat my self to one box when I have a little spare cash. I hope they will taste as good as the hot chocolate from The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf.

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