Saturday, November 07, 2009



Everyone else seem to be leading more fulfilling lives than I am.

Both Eudora and Priyangi are half-way across the globe, living interesting lives. Priyangi has the time to make cheese straws and caramelised onion dip, which sounds really yummy by the way. I am still surprised that Priyangi, someone who looks like studying is about the only things she knows how to do, likes to bake things when she is free, and she's not half bad! Eudora, on the other hand, has so many things on hand and she is fully engaged in school.
Mariem, the Princess, may be leaving for Australia, if she is accepted into the University. Grace is becoming a doctor.

I seem to be the only one leading a tasteless and boring life. I am now working in a clinic in Suntec. It provides me with the money to pay my bills and have a roof over my head, but I'm not exactly jumping with joy every morning when I have to go to work.

Nowadays, my life has become a routine of work-sleep-work-sleep. Where has all the fun gone to?
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