Sunday, August 30, 2009


I met Mummy yesterday and I also talked on the phone with her today. Although I can't say the meeting and the phone conversation went very well, but I did learn something.

During the phone conversation, Mummy said one thing which caught my attention. She said that I am trying to erase all the imperfect things in my life. I think this is so very true. I am a perfectionist at heart. I want everything in my life to be perfect, in every way. The same goes for the material things as well. That is why I am constantly throwing away things that are perfectly functional. Some people, like Daddy, think that I am being very wasteful. Yes, I am being wasteful, but I just can't stand imperfect things.

One more thing about me, I like things to be in sets. If I were to have my way, everything in my apartment (which I will buy in the near future) will be from IKEA. From the bed, to the pillows, to the mattress, to the quilt and bedsheets, to the cabinets and wall units, to the wardrobe, to the kitchen and everything else in the house.
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