Sunday, June 14, 2009

Jurong Point Shopping Mall

I went with Carmen to Jurong Point Shopping Mall, because she wants to make her cake there.

The place is huge, at least twice the size of the old Jurong Point Mall.

There are really a lot of shops, selling everything from clothes to food.

After having dinner at the food court, I was in the shopping mood (adequate sleep + full stomach = shopping mood), so we did some shopping. We went from the top floor down. I got two t-shirts (one black and one white) for $12 and a simple pink spaghetti top for $10. It's super worth it.

Due to the lack of money and time, I decided to cut short my shopping spree. We went to the basement where Carmen decorated a ready-made cake for their (Carmen and Dave) one month anniversary.

These are the things I want to buy the next time I go there:
  • T-shirt in can (Mini Toons): They are the same ones LG got me and himself at the start of our relationship. I was thinking of getting two of the same design (couple set) to give him as our one-year anniversary gift (we last that long), plus the one that he got me the other time.

  • Corset tops (Valerie): The corset tops are super cute!

  • Croissant (Four Leaves): They look so big and soft, and they are still warm! Only $1 for one

  • Shoes (Giovanna): Giovanna shoes are gorgeous yet so comfortable.

  • I really like the new Jurong Point Shopping Mall.
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