Friday, May 22, 2009


Oops, haven't been updating my blog lately, so much so that Eudora had to email me to find out how I am doing.

Work: I am now working at the Singapore National Eye Centre (SNEC) as a staff nurse in the Day Ward. My main responsibilites nare to do pre-operative assessment for patients going for operation and teach the patients how to take care of their eyes after the operation.

Relationship: I am still with the same boyfriend (even I am surprised that I managed to stay so long in one relationship). Of course, we have the occasional squabbles, most of them revolving around the fact that we are not meeting enough (that is mostly my fault), thanks to the fact that he is living in Redhill and I am living in Woodlands, not forgetting the fact that this place is an all-girls' dormitory, so technically he is not supposed to come over although I used to sneak him in in the past. Anyway, I will be moving house once my contract with the current landlord ends in September, so I will be moving somewhere nearer to him and my workplace in Outram. I intend to rent a room where he will be allowed to move around freely (possibly a room for couples).

Health: I very healthy, no worries about that.

One more thing, I have moved all the entries from my LiveJournal blog to this blog, but I couldn't bring the comments over. It's too tiring to keep two blogs at the same time. I am still trying to decide what to do with the LiveJournal blog. I may use it for my next blog, or not.

If you ask me if there is anything lacking in my life right now, I would say that it is friends, very good friends who know me inside-out, whom I can talk to freely. I used to have so many close friends, but we don't really keep in contact anymore and that saddens me. Eudora is overseas (emailing is an option but I never liked emailing), Jing Yang is so busy with school that she hardly has time for herself. The same goes for Grace and >Mariem. Priyangi is overseas too. Jeanette and the rest are all working like crazy in hospitals.

Good thing I still have my books.
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