Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Constipation: Organic D.n.A

This is one thing many people, including my best friend and my Sisterhood, do not know about me: I have been suffering from constipation for a really long time. I think it started in secondary school, when I started my 'second puberty', as my Mum puts it. I eat a hell of a lot of food, but I only pass motion once or twice a week, and it's painful business everytime. I never told anyone about it, because it did not occur to me as something wrong then. Besides, constipation is not something glamorous that you would want to share with the world.

I never took any medicine to treat this problem, because I feared the possible side effects the medicines might bring about. So I lived with this problem and the problems it brought on such as abdominal discomfort, protruding (and unsightly) tummy, frequent cramps and indigestion.

I thought that I would be having this problem forever, until a friend of mine introduced a product to me, called the Organic D.n.A.

So how does this product threat constipation?
Increasing intake of water and dietary fibre's the key to treating constipation. Organic D.n.A is fibre in powder form made from made from 56 vegetables and fruits, thus providing sufficient fibre to ensure a healthy digestive system. It is advised that you drink plenty of water when taking Organic D.n.A.

What does it contain? Will I get diarrhoea?
Organic D.n.A does not contain any laxatives, so you will not get diarrhoea. It contains 56 vegetables and seeds.

Will there be any side-effects?
As there is no chemical, drug or medicine invloved, there will not be any side-effects. But some people do experience bloatedness when they first take the product, but it generally passes in a month or so.

I was a little skeptical at first, but I decided to give it a try. I mean, it can't be too bad if it is HSA certified, HALAL certified, and my friend swears by it.

Oh man, I am so glad I made that decision. It was the best decision I have made so far. Passing motion is now a smooth 5-minute routine every evening. I don't have to worry about eating too much, because I know Organic D.n.A will help me to detoxicate. What's more, I have finally managed to lose that kangeroo pouch that is my tummy and many people have commented that I look more radiant. It's said that it can help to lose weight too, but I didn't bother to check my weight.
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