Wednesday, May 13, 2009


I love books, everyone knows that...

...but the books are giving me a big headache.

They are very bulky and hence a big headache when I have to move house. Any logical being will so the right thing by throwing/selling/donating them away and save themselves the whole trouble. I mean, with the National Library Board libraries situated all around Singapore (the Woodlands Regional Library is just next to the Woodlands MRT), I can hardly complain of having a lack of books to read!

However, I can't bring myself to throw/sell/donate all my books away. Some of these books are presents given to me by best friends, some are collections that I am still in the process of collecting, some are books that I spent lots of effort to find.

It's true that I can basically borrow any books that I want at a NLB library which is conviently located all around Singapore, but somehow borrowing a book for the library is different from actually owning the book.

However, there is one thing that I am very sure of. When I have my own house, such as when my boyfriend and I decide to settle down and we buy a house together (or I save enough to get a small apartment of my own), I will buy all the books I want and fill my house with all the books that I have ever wanted.

Now, back to the topic.

What should I do?

[Added on 21/8/09] I was wondering if I can find bookshelves and pack all my books compactly into them, so that I will not have such a hard time dealing with the books the next time I have to move house. When I have to move, I can just wrap the whole thing up in plastic wrap. Will it work?
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