Sunday, April 05, 2009

Moving On

I went back to the Bukit Gombak house today to pack some stuff that I have left behind in my haste to move out and it became a walk down memory lane.

The moment I stepped onto the train platform at Bukit Gombak MRT station, memories that I thought I have long forgotten rush back to me. I remember seeing someone who looks like Brandon from the corner of my eye when I was going down the escalator, but I didn't dare to turn around and make sure it is him because I am scared that it is really him.

As I exit the train station and walk towards the covered walkway, I remember the day I broke up with him. He sent me to the start of the covered walkway and told me that he would wait. He said that he's going to stop here because he's afraid that he will not be able to let me go if he sends me to the carpark.

As I cross the road and step onto the pavement underneath the MRT track, I remember the day he met my Mum and she accepted him. We hugged there as the countdown for the New Year started on the parade square across the road.

As I walk through the carpark leading to Guilin View, I remember how we will stop there when he sends me home. We will have a nice long hug and a quick kiss before he walks off. I will watch him until I can no longer see him, and I will turn around and walk home.

As I walk towards Guilin View, I saw the back gate and I remembered how we will sometimes go by the back gate and have long passionate kisses, covered by the shadows.

I went straight to my house and rang the bell. Aunt Anna opened the door and let me in. When I stepped into my room, I realised that I really missed my room. Although I did not actually get to design my room, but Mum did such a good job. I remember the time when we were both on my bed and he slept on my leg, my heart feeling so full of love.

As I packed my things, I realised that I seriously have a lot of possessions. Just my books can fill up three large bags! I will have to come back another day to get the rest.

OMG! Judging from the amount of things I have, I am going to have a big headache when I move house in September. I am going to hire one of those house-movers the next time I need to move house.

I think it was a good thing that I moved out. That place holds too many memories of me and Brandon. My Woodlands rental room will be a new beginning.
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