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Movie Reviews

I watched a total of three movies this week and here are my reviews.

Bride Wars: (Actually, I watched this in my boyfriend's house.) Every women dreams of having the perfect wedding and this movie is exactly about that. Emma (Anne Hathaway) and Liv (Kate Hutson are childhood friends who ... are going to have their weddings on the same day, at the same place. That's when the war starts. By the way, Anne Hathaway looks gorgeous throughout the movie. Makes me want to live in with my boyfriend.

Knowing: This is a thriller movie about how one women predicted what is going to happen fifty years later. John Kostler (Nicolas Cage)'s son got a piece of paper full of numbers when his elementary school opened a time capsule that was placed in the ground fifty years ago. The numbers are in fact predictions - some have already occurred, and some have not. The movie says that a solar flare from the Sun will incinerate all life on Earth. I think this is very possible judging from the global warming. The Bible has said that there will be more disaster as the end of the world draws near. Judging from the disasters that have happened over the past years, it is not impossible that the end of the world is really drawing near.

Confessions of A Shopaholic: This is a hilarious film about Rebecca Bloomwood (Isla Fisher), who is a shopaholic. Becky lands a job writing for a financial magazine, which doesn't pay well enough to cover her shopping addiction. So she tries cutting-back and making-more-money, both of which didn't work out. The bills are piling up and Becky has no idea what to do. Things between Becky and Luke Brandon Hugh Dancy are going well until ... I shall not spoil the show for you.

I can't really understand the world of a shopaholic, since I am not one. When it comes to clothes, I am a minimalist. Even so, I have to admit that I really need some new clothes. My wardrobe is practically bare! I need a black jacket/blazer from either Dano or G200. I need to get a racer-top from FOX. I need one matt and one glossy skirt. I need to go shopping!


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Mikoto Singapore

Stella has been raving about Mikoto Singapore ever since she ate there. She brought her boyfriend and a few other friends there and they were all full of praises. Is it really that good? I started to wonder. I jumped at the chance when Stella invited me to have dinner with her boyfriend and her at Mikoto Singapore.

I started off with Red Plum Liquor. You can't really taste the alcohol probably because the alcohol content is lower, but the taste of red plum is refreshing.

This is Nitsuke. It looked so good on the menu, but it was a little disappointing. The only noteworthy thing is the sauce.

This is Chicken Nanban. The chicken pieces are perfectly deep-fried. Tartar sauce is made with Japanese pickled eggplants called shibazuke which gives it the pick colour. This is definitely the highlight of the meal!

This is Vegetable Stick with Anchovy Sauce. The raw vegetables are very fresh and they go very well with the slightly-salty anchovy sauce.

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I Am Cafe

Mariem wanted to meet for dinner and she suggested this I Am Cafe that I have not heard of before.

Located at Haji Lane, this cafe  swaps air-conditioning for casualness and down-to-earth prices. It is not certified halal, but it is owned by three Muslim brothers.

The waitress recommended Cheezy Bombs and it was really delicious. Deep-fried chicken meatball with melted cheese, they explode in your mouth and will burn your mouth if you are not careful. 

I ordered Charcoal-Grilled Juicy Beef Burger. The beef patty if very juicy but a little under-seasoned, the addition of the pineapple gives the burger a totally different experience. However, it would be great if the beef patty can be made into two thinner ones, so that the burger can be eaten in halves, most girls don't have such a big mouth.

Mariem had Fish 'N' Chips. I had a few bites and it was alright, but I can still taste the taste of the fish, which should not be the case in a good Fish 'N' Chips.
For drinks,…

Awfully Chocolate

I have a sweet tooth, but I am not a big fan of chocolates because I find them too sweet.

However, if I ever have craving for chocolate cake, THE place I will go to is Awfully Chocolate.

I can't remember who introduced me to Awfully Chocolate, but I have been hooked ever since.

The Salted Butterscotch Brownie is really good. You can taste the butterscotch in every bite, but it is a little too sweet for me.
The Super Stacked Chocolate Cake is the one for me. It is super chocolatey, yet it is not overly sweet. It is the most popular item for a reason.
The White Choclate Creme Brulee Tart is too sweet, but otherwise delicious. 
Don't take my word for it - go and try them for yourself! I promise that you will not regret it.