Thursday, April 02, 2009

IKEA Catalogue

Normally, I don't like catalogues. IKEA catalogues is the only exception. I absolutely love IKEA catalogues!

I was flipping through the IKEA catalogues that I have collected over the past few years and the strong urge to have my own apartment is back again.

I mean, I am happy with what I have right now, renting a room that has everything done up nicely for me...

but it's not what I want!

I want my own apartment which I know is mine, where I can do whatever I like with it.

I want to buy a brand new mattress and a nice bed-frame that doesn't creak like an old lady everytime I sit on it. I want to have a ceiling-to-floor bookcase and a walk-in wardrobe. I want to have brand-new quilts and bedsheets. I want to have a simple and stylish kitchen where I have matching bowls and plates from IKEA. I want to have have a big oven and an electric mixer so that I can bake all I want. I want to have a sofa-bed. I want to have cushions of various sizes littered all over my floor. I want to have a mini fridge where I can store all the ice-cream and foods that I love to eat. I want to have a bathroom with a bathtub so that I can have a nice soak after a tiring day's work.

The problem is, I am absolutely clueless about buying a property. I know that I will need to get a loan from a bank but I don't know how to go about doing that or what is required. I know that I must pay a monthly instalment for the property, but I have no idea how much I will need.

Can someone please teach me?
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