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Valentine's Day

Today is actually the first time I actually really celebrated Valentine's Day. The only other time I celebrated Valentine's Day was when I was with Brandon, but it wasn't a happy occasion because I just broke up with him not long before that.

We didn't go to a fancy restaurant to have a nice dinner and then have a moonlit walk along a river. We both decided that it was too boring, so we decided to go to East Coast Park to cycle.

I thought there was IHT grouping, so I was in formal wear, but it turned out that we were asked to meet early for the Saturday grouping, so I went off just before the grouping started. He came to pick me up at Clark Quay in a cab. He directed the taxi driver to drive us to Tampines Mall where we watched Underworld: Evolution (he booked the tickets the day yesterday). It's a nice show but there's no kick because I have already watched the sequels.

We took a cab down to East Coast Park. He actually wanted to bring me to eat at this barbeque restaurant, but it has closed down, replaced with a steamboat restaurant. We were both famished, so we had our dinner there. It's about $19++ per person and it's not really worth it. The soup base is made with the maggie mee seasoning and there's nothing much to choose from. But I still had a good time, because I was with him. I guess it is true that it is the person you are eating with and not the food which makes a great meal.

After dinner, we rented two bikes for overnight riding. On and off, we cycled and rested. Our initial plan was to bath in one of the public toilets and sleep by the sea, but we made a last-minute decision and booked into a small chalet for the night.

After taking a nice and relaxing shower, I couldn't sleep so I decided to do some night cycling. It was only then that I realised that I have left my handphone on one of the rocks when we were taking a rest. I went to look for my handphone on my bike and asked him to sleep first. But it was pitch dark and everywhere looked the same. While swerving past a group of Malays, I knocked into a ledge, sending me sprawling to the ground. I cut my palm and left knee.

After one hour plus of searching, I still could not find my handphone and the bruised parts were throbbing in pain. Just as I was wondering aimlessly on my bike, someone called my name and it was my boyfriend. He was worried about me and he came out to look for me. We searched through all the places we went to before, but we still could not find my handphone. I told my boyfriend that I want to stay out until next morning, so that I can start looking for my handphone at first light, but he refused to let me do so, so I went back to the chalet with him.

After washing up, we lied on the bed and he was groaning because his thighs are numb. When we first booked into the chalet, he was already telling me that his thighs are very sore from the cycling. Despite the pain in his thighs, he still went out to look for me and help me look for my handphone, and that made me feel very guilty and I started crying. I tried to hide my tears from him by turning away from him, but somehow he knew that I was crying and he comforted me. While comforting me, he said something really sweet:"If I don't protect you, who should I protect?"

We agreed that I would wait until morning to go out to look for my handphone, and he helped me set an alarm on his handphone for 5.30am. He fell asleep soon afterwards, exhausted from all the exercise I have put him through. His snores kept me awake. When the alarm went off at 5.30am, I turned off the alarm and went out to look for my handphone. I still did not find it. I went back to the chalet at 7.30am as we planned and we checked out the room. We had the complimentary breakfast, returned our bikes, and went home.

It's only when I was on the MRT did I realised that I have left my coat in the closet in the chalet room! When I called back, the receptionist said that nothing was found. I WANT MY COAT!

Although this Valentine's Day is anything but perfect, but I feel so sweet and fuzzy thinking about it.

I have always thought that specials days such as Valentine's Day must be celebrated with gifts for it to be meaningful, but now I have learnt that it's not so.

What really matters is that I got to spend some quality time with my boyfriend. That's all that matters.


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