Sunday, February 22, 2009

Happy Birthday

Today is my birthday, as some of you may still remember. So before I go on, I would like to wish Happy Birthday to myself.

I had a great time with my boyfriend at East Coast Park today. We didn't do anything special, we just rented a charlet in East Coast Park and stayed there the whole time. I still didn't get to see sunrise or sunset. I really think the sun has something against me.

On this special day, I want to thank some very special people.

Firstly, I want to thank my parents for bring me into this world and raising me. I have to confess I am not the easiest daughter to raise. I always create problems for my parents and I used to lie all the time when I was younger. As a child, Mom would often complain that I am as stubborn as a bull and I think I have become more stubborn as I grew older. Thank you, Mummy and Daddy, for tolerating all my nonsense and still caring so much about me after all that I have done and said.

Next, I want to thank my best friend, Jing Yang, and my close friends (Jeanette, Kimberley, Kar Yin, Xiu Yi, Eudora, Mariem, Priyangi and Grace). You gave me the strength to live on when I felt worthless. You were there when I was in pain. You saw me through all the way. I won't be where I am right now without all of you.

Then, I would like to thank Brandon. It is you who taught me how to love someone wholeheartedly. You brought me into the beautiful world of magic and flourishes. You were the one who made my heart whole. Please believe me that it was never my intention to hurt you the way I did. I have always known that you have loved me from the very beginning and that you always will. My Mum used to comment that you are my "drug" and I am "addicted" to you. I think I understand what she means now.

Lastly, I would like to thank my current boyfriend. If Brandon is my "drug", then you are my "antidote". We got together on exactly the day of my one year break-up anniversary with Brandon. It's almost as if our meeting is fated, that you will be the one who will help me move on.

Thank you, everyone!
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