Wednesday, December 31, 2008


I have often asked myself this question: What is Life?

I am much inspired after watching the show 'In Her Shoes' on television last night.

Life is never about how nice your car is, or how big your house is, or how prestigious your job is. It is never about what designer clothes you wear, or what you eat.

Life, with all its ups and downs, in all its splendor, is really a very simple thing.

Let me tell you the secret: Life is all about being happy. Life is all about achieving your dreams and goals.

At different stages of our life, we derive happiness from different sources. When we are children, we derive happiness from playing with our friends, from running around like crazy. When we start studying, we derive happiness from getting good results and getting recognised for our hard work. Life was simple then.

When we become adults and we step into the working world, things get a little more complicated... or maybe it is just that we have become more complicated.

Each of us have our own definition of "happiness". To some, having a loving family is all the happiness they need. For some others, believing in their faith is the way to happiness for them.

I am happy with my current situation. I have the freedom I have always dreamed of, I have a stable job that provides me with the money to support myself, and I also have a part-time job which provides me with the challenges to keep my life interesting.

Yap, I am HAPPY.
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