Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Interior Design

This passion for interior design was sparked off when we were moving from our Clementi house to the Guilin View condominium. Mum told me that I could decorate my own room.

Decorate my own room? That's like a dream come true! Since then, I have been very much into interior design, but I didn't realise it then. I would make trips to the library just so that I can bury myself in all the lovely books and magazines and dream that my room will look exactly like the picture.

Although I didn't really get to design my room in the end (Mum designed it for me and she did a fabulous job), but that love for a beautiful interior stayed with me since then.

Since my blog should be a place where I share all the things I love with my readers, let me show you some really beautiful pictures and you will understand why I love them so.

Who would have thought that it would make such a big difference just by moving the furnitures around as demonstrated in Tips For Making Your Space Feel Bigger When It's Feeling Small.
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