Friday, October 31, 2008

High School Musical

"High School Musical" created quite a roar when it was first launched in Singapore. Everyone around me was talking about it. Everyone was telling me how fantastic it was, how good the songs are, how good the storyline is. I was like: what is so good about it? It's just a bunch of kids singing and dancing around.

Then my boyfriend got me to watch "High School Musical 3" and I am hooked. The plot might be a little original, but the actors and actresses really have substance. I think they are all professional dancers. The dancing is really good. The choreography is awesome. The choreographer must be really good to be able to incorporate the dances into the show so seamlessly.

Out of all the actors and actresses, I like Gabriella Montez, which is played by Vanessa Anne Hudgens. She is really cute, in that Princessy kind of look. She just looks so good in everything she wears.

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