Friday, July 18, 2008

Book Sale

I was so very excited when I read about the NLB sale in the newspaper a few days ago. Chinese and English books are sold at $2 per book. This is like a dream come true! Although it is a little far to get there (Expo Hall 4a), but it's worth it for such a good deal.

But I forgot one thing: all NLB books have this huge barcode at the bottom of the spine. This is a great convenience when you are looking for a book among the millions of books in the libraries, but it's a different story when I am actually buying a book.

You see, I just cannot stand stickers or price tags of any kind on my books. My book means that I paid for that book and I own that book. Yeah, I know I am weird, but this is just how I am. How would you feel if someone paste all sorts of stickers on you? You wouldn't like it, would you?

Plus, I have gotten perfectly fine books without any of the sticker nonsense for about the same price. At book sales and second-hand bookstores.

That's why I love Bras Basah Complex (only the links in Chinese works). There are quite a few second-hand bookstores and many big bookstores such as POPULAR selling the latest bestsellers. There are also a lot of bookstores selling Chinese books imported directly from China, books find in the local bookstores. It's not called 书城 for nothing, I guess.

They had a book sale in March apparently and I missed it! Nevermind, there's always a next time.

It would be nice if the website could be updated more frequently. At least make sure that the links can be used and the pictures can be seen!
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