Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Lonely World

I live in a lonely world.

Although I am surrounded by lots of people everyday, I still feel so lonely.

I don't have to work today, so I have been asking people to out with me today (I have been bitten by the shopping bug), but no one is free. Why is it so hard to find someone to go shopping with me on the day when I crave for some female companionship?

Having no one to go out with, I went to Suntec City by myself and got two bras at Carrefour. I found this really nice dress (I am very into dresses right now, probably influenced by Eudora, because she always looks so nice in all those dresses) at FOND, but it is a little expensive at $56, even after the 5% discount. I think I will go there with Eudora one day and ask for her opinion.


eudora said...

I'm so sorry jie, I would have gone out with you in a heartbeat but I was sick and feeling really terrible. Had a 38.7 degree fever and sore throat, had to go to the doctor and get medicine. I promise the next time you are free I will go out with you!
(and lol thank you for the compliment! Dresses look fabulous on you!)

Zhang Yang said...

It's okay. I'm not blaming you or anything. Although I was a little sad that you could not go out with me, but I did find some nice clothes.

eudora said...

LOL I know. But I stil feel bad. let's definitely go back there and check out the nice clothes! haha. and there's lots of good food at Suntec too. Remind me to send you those pics from Ajitei.