Friday, May 16, 2008

Summer Clothes

As much as I love jeans, I realise that the best clothes to be worn in summer are still shorts. Jeans may give the casual-smart look that I like so much, but it is too hot to be worn in Singapore's climate. It's even worse now that I am working as a nurse. I perspire so much after half-a-day of running up and down the ward, that it really feels like hell when I have to change back into my jeans.

When I get my pay, I am going to stock up on

  • Shorts: I only have one pair of denim shorts in my entire wardrobe.

  • Jeans: Jeans are still my favourite. I only have one pair left. I want to buy a few more pairs.

  • Tops: Be it tank-top, racerback top, spaghetti-strap top, even long-sleeve top.

  • Shoes: I need more shoes. Now, I only have one pair of track shoes, one pair of black crocs(the cheap version), a pair of Cinderella-style plastic heels (which is really painful to wear), a pair of light-brown boots, a pair of black pumps (which always become lopesided , two pairs of nursing shoes and a pair of black flats(which I bought when Kimberley and I met at Causeway Point today).

  • Jackets: I've always felt that a good jacket can make the most boring outfit look lip-smacking good.

  • Okay, basically I just need more of everything. Although I hate shopping (I don't detest it so much nowadays, I'm even starting to enjoy it at times.), but I am a girl and I like looking good.
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