Monday, May 05, 2008

Starting Work

You know, it's kind of scary, knowing that I am going to start my career as a nurse in just a few hours. I'm really worried that people will find out that I am a fake, that I really don't know anything although I look as if I know a lot.

I still don't know the uses of a lot of drugs. I think I am going to look like an idiot when serving medication because I have to keep asking people what each drug is for. That will be so embarrassing.

I still have problem with coordinating the care needed for 12 patients. There's always going to be a few things that I will forget to do and I will get scolded by the staff nurses.

All in all, I am a little comprehensive.

But looking at the bright side, I am going to be financially independent from June onwards. I can finally save up to buy all the things that I have always wanted but did not have the money to buy.

I have always wanted to try those restaurants recommended by magazines and newspapers. The first restaurant I am going to try will be Giovanni's Mediterranean Restaurant, where I used to work as a waitress.

Daddy gave me the new CREATIVE MP3 player he bought a few years back. He said that he bought it at that time with the intention of giving it to me as a gift when I start working. That was so sweet of him!


eudora said...

hey dear!
guess I am too late to wish you good luck :(
but I hope you had a good first day (: even if (emphasis on IF) you didn't do well, there is another day to try again. I have faith and confidence in my jiejie!

Zhang Yang said...

Everything is fine. We are now having three weeks of orientation, so I will be starting the "real" work in late May. I have been posted to a new ward, so I am a bit comprehensive, but I shall do my best and cross my fingers that I can pass my probation within 6 months. Wish me luck!

Wintershark said...

I know you'll make a great nurse - I have faith in you. It may seem a little daunting at first, but keep in mind that all those staff nurses were in your position once. Don't worry about the drugs, you'll know each one intimately in no time.

You know, it seems funny that one of us is going to be working, for real...we're all growing up, aren't we?

Anyway...GOOD LUCK!

By the way, at which hospital are you working?

Adeline Khoo said...

Hello, I stumbled upon your blog by chance! Looks like almost everyone started working already!

Remember everyone have to start off from somewhere, it is frightening at the begining but fret not! Nobody knows everything and the wonderful thing about nursing is that it is a continuous process in learning! As long as you are hardworking and keen on learning, that attitude will keep you going.

We all know that working in this profession is not easy and given the circumstances that it is a stressful environment but take everything with a pinch of salt, smile more and have an open heart in learning, be humble and I am sure all will go well.

The key is to be confident and whenever in doubt, ASK... no matter how trival or silly the question seems!

Congrats you're finally a Registered Nurse!

doreamon lives in a world too good to be true said...

hi dear yang mehmeh, the beginnings were always tough cuz none of us were born to be a nurse or doctor so don't worry too much k? And just relax even if you have to ask ard for help, i think it's perfectly normal don't be so hard on yourself k? Hi i think you will do just fine!! love u love and let's meet up on Wed!

Zhang Yang said...

Thank you, everyone, for all your concern. With all your support and encouragement, I am sure I will pass my probation smoothly.

Adeline, it's such a coincidence that you found my blog. Visit my blog often, okay?