Friday, April 18, 2008

Facebook Deactivated

As of today onwards, I will no longer be part of the Facebook community. I have decided to deactivate my Facebook account.

I read this article in the Straits Times today. It says that "Your 'digital shadow' lets others pick up data about you".

According to the article, 'digital data' is a trail left behind by users that others can pick up without their being aware of it.

About half of all this digital information is collected through Internet transactions, from e-mail histories to credit card transactions, right down to surveillance camera footage. The other half comes from government agencies which collect official data on Singaporeans, digital medical records, and the loads of stuff that Singaporeans create about themselves, from posting pictures online at Flickr to the information that goes into their Facebook accounts.

These digital "footprints" left by Web users are collected by firms via "cookies" and transactions, and sold to other companies and advertisers hungry for your private information. Cookies store information from your visit to a website, including what you did on it and any personal information you gave.

The article lists social networking sites such as Facebook as the big offenders.

It's really quite scary when you think about it. People can just get your private information just like that.

That is why I decided to stop using Facebook.
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