Wednesday, April 30, 2008

East Coast Park

Grace and I went to the East Coast Park today to exercise. We really had a good workout.

We met at Bedok MRT and we took bus 31, but we missed our stop (the normally-very-quiet Grace was very hyper today) and we ended up at Toa Payoh Central. We had Burger King for lunch. Her eyes sparked when she heard about the shopping and made me bring her there to have a look. Good thing I could drag her away in time, or else we would probably have spent the whole day shopping in Toa Payoh instead of our plan to exercise in ECP.

We started off with skates. We both rented roller blades, but I gave up after an hour. It's so damn difficult to roller blade, or maybe it's just that it is my first time doing this and I need more practice. With Grace's unsteady help, I managed to walk a bit, while falling down five times. I give up. My legs were so sore and I really don't want to twist my ankle, thank you very much. So I took off the roller blades and walked back to the rental shop where I changed to a bike. The rental shop Uncle didn't see surprised to see me back so soon, he must have seen a lot of people do the same thing.

After finishing up the two hours, Grace and I went to bowl. It's no fun with just the two of us. We should get the whole D3 together and have a bowling session one fine day.

After bowling, we each rented a bike and we rode together. Then I rode off-course and we were separated. I went further down and I almost could not make it back on time.

We had such fun today and it was a really good workout.
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