Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Prom Dress

My Prom is on 6 March, which is like ... only a few weeks away, and I have not even gotten my dress ready!

I went shopping with Jing Yang at Causeway Point and I found this really gorgeous dress at Metro. It is a gown by Arthur Yen. The gown is gorgeous and I look gorgeous in it (Jing Yang agrees with me too). I have totally fallen in love with it.

I would have bought it at once, except that it is too expensive. It is bloody $159. I think my parents will probably kill me it I buy it.

But I really love it...

I don't usually like wearing dresses or skirts, but I have fallen head over heels over this gown.

Should I or should I not buy it?

[Added on 29 February 2008] That dress IS a bit too tight for me and it makes me look as if I'm going for my wedding and not for Prom. Plus, come to think of it, it's ridiculous to spend that amount of money on something that I probably won't wear again (thanks, Priyangi, you are right). So it's out.

[Added on 1 March 2008] Yes! I have finally bought my Prom dress. It's really cheap.


Wintershark said...

Buy it if you are prepared to wear the dress again for other formal occasions. If not, $159 is a lot to pay for something you'll only wear once.

On an unrelated note, happy belated birthday. :) You'll get your present in December/November when I come back.

- Priyangi

Zhang Yang said...

wait. Priyangi, how did you find my new blog?

Wintershark said...

Using my awesome internet powers!

No, seriously, I tracked it from your blogspot profile. I hope you weren't trying to keep it a secret...

Lady Nadiah said...

hey. did you purposely spell Unknown as unkown? because at first i thought it was venturingintotheunknown.bs.com but then i keep on going to some white guy's blog. but then when i click on the link you emailed me, it got me here. then i was like.. eh? so i see the address slowly and saw that the unknown is spelled as unkown.

Lady Nadiah said...

oh and YAYY! Sophie Kinsella's one of your favourite authors! I love her too!

Zhang Yang said...

To Nadiah:

No, it was an honest mistake. Sorry, my spelling sucks.

Sophie Kinsella's books prove to be rathering entertaining.