Sunday, February 24, 2008

Birthday Suprise!

Okay, so I didn't get any of the things that I asked for in my birthday wishlist (Jing Yang wanted to get me Yakuza Moon but it was sold out in Popular, so she bought me another book which I am reading right now).

My lovely friends gave me a birthday surprise and I didn't expect it at all. I had such a wonderful time yesterday, that it's not that much a deal whether I got presents or not.

We were to go back to school today to return our PDAs. Lay Hoon wanted to talk to us, so the TTSH group is separated from the rest of the cohort. Our talk started at 1pm, so Kar Yin, Xiu Yi, Kimberley, Jeanette and Serene waited for me outside the Lecture Hall. There's something wrong with my PDA and my data cannot be synchronised and I have to meet up with Sheyenn to fix my PDA on Sunday, so I came out early. I saw that Kimberley and Xiu Yi were not there with the group, so I kind of assumed that they are probably in the toilet. Jeanette was talking on her phone, I thought that she is talking to one of her other friends. She ran off in the direction of AAP laboratory, saying that she is going to see what they are up to. I was really puzzled. I mean, what is there to see at the AAP laboratory? I was just about to follow Jeanette when Kimberley suddenly appeared in front of me and started to act all silly. Just then, I heard someone singing, " Happy birthday to you! Happy birthday to you..." I turned around in surprise and saw Jeanette holding a chocolate cake and walking towards me singing the Happy Birthday song. I think I just stood there for a whole 1 minute in a daze before I could react. I was so touched. THANK YOU SO MUCH. It was so sweet of them.

Talking about birthday surprises, let me tell you another incident. We were gathered at Eudora's house a few years back to celebrate my birthday. We were downstairs, presumably to get food for me (I was hungry...) but they refused to let me into the kitchen. Then Eudora emerged from her kitchen holding a chocolate cake with the Happy Birthday thing stuck into the cake and they were all singing the Happy Birthday song and smiling at me. And I asked this really stupid question," Um, whose birthday is it?" I could see from their expressions that they were ready to faint. I totally forgot that we were there to celebrate my birthday....
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